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HBIS Exhibition Shining In 6th China International Logistic Development Conference and China Internatinal Logistic & Transportation Expo

October 17-19, the 6th China International Logistic Development Conference(CILDC) and China International Logistic & Transportation Expo were held in Shijiazhuang(Zhengding) International Exhibition Center. This year’s CILDC was jointly held by CCTA,CILT and Shijiazhuang Municipal Government and HBIS Products are shining in the expo.  

For years, HBIS innovated new development model and defined a overall logistic industrial concept. Based on steel industry, HBIS is making a characterized and coordinated steel industry and logistic service system. The system is integrated making the logistic chain a value-added chain.

In its exhibition, HBIS shows its modern logistics, supply chain, 5G Digital reform, port logistics, green logistics, import & export logistics, processing & distribution centers. With its efforts in logistic management, HBIS is exploring opportunities in logistic and supply chain management. 

In green logistic sector, HBIS shows new efforts in green logistic projects. The port logistic sector introduces HBIS Tangshan Caofeidian, Cangzhou Huanghua Port,two terminals in both north and south of the province. 5G is helping HBIS to upgrade its digital logistics. With 5G technologies, HBIS is implementing 5G+ Intelligent Industrial Park, 5G+ Intelligent Industrial Port and 5G+ Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing Project. Supply chain section shows the Rail-Rail Intelligent Transportation system and Rail-Rail Conbined Transportation system. HBIS exhibition also provides the information of import/export transportation, the applications of HBIS products in logistic industry and Process & Distribution Center project.

This year’s CILDC is dedicated to the Interconnection and Coordinated Development of the logistic industry of the country. This year, the conference attracts association leaders of the logistic industry, experts and executive of logistic enterprises. More than 1000 people attend the conference.