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260,000Tons of HBIS High Quality Products Delivered To Jing-Zhang High Speed Rail Project

December 30, 2019, Jing-Zhang high speed railway officially commenced business opeartion, in which HBIS directly delivered over 260,000tons its high quality products in seven bidding sections and railway station projects. 

To guarantee the high standard and high quality projects, HBIS sales team provided whole process services by launching the matured Key Project Direct Sales Service Scheme, particularly improving production scheduling, order, production and site delivery to insure to make precsion deliveries. The teams made seamless contact and on site services to first handedly understand the needs in construction. In the World’s Deepest High Speed Railway Station,Badaling Station project, to beat the complex project and the deepth of 102m underneath the surface, HBIS provided high quality high strength anti-seismic wires and won contracts. HBIS products are wided used in Tsinghua Channel, Badaling Channel, Guanting Reservoir Bridge, all key parts in the projects.

Jing-Zhang High Speed Rail is one integral section in Jing-Lan Corridor Project in the Eight vertical, eight horizontal Railway projects, published in the nation “Mid/Long Term Railway Plan”. It is also an important facility to serve the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Jing-Zhang High Speed Railway is independently designed and constructed by Chinese enterprises and it is the world’s latest intelligent high speed rail project with a highest speed of 350Km/h.