Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Becoming the Only Domestic Supplier of LNG Low Temperature High Mn Steel Covering All Thickness Series.

HBIS is successfully producing 40mm thick low temperature ship building austenite high Mn LNG tank plate, making to the world’s top level. The plate is the thickest in IMO guidance and HBIS becomes the only domestic supplier of LNG low temperature high Mn steel, covering all thickness series in China.

Low temperature and high Mn steel is well known the best substitute for traditional LNG tank material for its low cost and excellent plasticity and toughness. Because of wide application, all steel mills in the world are developing high Mn technology and its industrial applications.

To lead LNG low temperature & high Mn steel development and applications in LNG energy, HBIS is strengthening its cooperation along its industrial chain by working closing with Chinese shipping society to study the key technologies of high Mn steel. They jointly studied the state level Ship Building Low Temperature & High Mn Steel Application Research for LNG Tanks project, and successfully devlopment the thickest IMO standard low temperature and high Mn steel, 40mm plates.