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HBIS Executives Advising Duferco To Introduce Its Business Model To Chinese Market And Add More Value to The Group

January 7, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong visited HBIS Duferco Headquarter in Swiss and gave his instructions. He told Duferco the group had high expectations to it and emphasized that facing new business environment in the globe, Duferco could introduce its advanced business model to Chinese market and add more value to the group. To make a stronger Duferco, the company should strengthen its coopeartion with HBIS International Trade to make a HBIS version Glencore. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian also visited the Duferco.

Yu Yong said in a changing world economy and steel industry, HBIS Duferco was facing tremendous challenges.As a very valuable company, it could make some adjustments to accommodate the current world trade environment, different economies. HBIS Duferco will have its independent business, now and future. HBIS Do trust Duferco and its management team. 

He emphasized Duferco could introduce its advanced business model to Chinese market to make even more value. Duferco is a matured European enterprise covering trade, financing and insurance. Its capabilities are badly needed in Chinese makret. Duferco is very good at providing solutions and value added services to its clients which is extremely important. The future Chinese market will be matured and the steel trade will account more than half of the world’s total volume. No other markets could match Chinese market. No Chinese market, no opportunities. HBIS Duferco in Chinese market, is not merely a trade issue, it should study to add processing and distribution and other value added business.  

Yu Yong said HBIS Duferco could work closer with HBIS International Trade and make it HBIS Version Glencore. HBIS will be adding innovation to the industry, the product value, which is business of its steel sector. The next is the strong cash flow, trade and added value, which will be born by Duferco and HBIS International Trade. Those two companies will play a leading role in the Building a HBIS Glencore effort. A feasible path of Duferco growing China could be closer coordination with HBIS International trade.  

Before the Mathew De Morgan presentation, Yu Yong met Duferco Chairman Bruno Bolfo. Yu Yong recalled the development history of world steel industry and analyized the impact of China-US trade dispute to the world and Chinese economy. He introduced the Chinese policy of Macro economy and its influence to steel industry. They also exchanged their comments to world ecomony and steel trade.