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The Research and Applicationof Low Cost & Efficient Mining of Compression-torsion fault Benches of HBIS group passed the review of Chinese Society For Metals. The expert committee released its conclusion, calling it a Breakthrough that is innovative, efficient and low cost to resources. It is a world leading R&D project with great potential. 

By studying the existing underground production and mining equipment capabilities, the project was dedicated to improve the sustainable profitabilities of mining projects and challenge the difficulties of inefficient mining, high cost, complex procedures and poor safty standards. First in the country, the project adopts the undergound mining material refilling the waste tunnel strategy and develops all explosive application solutions. First in the globe, the project adopts the integrated transportation by deep shaft and high level section, replacing the traditional railway distributed transportation and lowing the engineering cost. This is a revolutionary development in underground railway transportation system. With the application of this technology, one HBIS mining plant reduced the volume of material removal by 1.05million m3 and reduced the cost of 590million Yuan. This technology has  great potential of being applied by similar projects across the globe.