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5000tons of HBIS Premium Nuclear Steel Building Radiation Shielding Structure of World’s First Hualong 1 Reactor

March 2, Generator No.5 of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant completed its hot run test, a step followed by fueling and power generation. This the world’s first 3rd Generation Hualong 1 nuclear rector which Chinese enterprises fully own the intellectual property rights. HBIS has devliered over 5000tons of different types of nuclear steel materials building and manufacturing conventional and nuclear class equipments. The 150tons of designated ultra width and high extension nuclear steel will be used to build the shielding door of the reactor.  

Hualong 1 Nuclear Power Unit is one of the most popular 3rd generation nuclear power unit in the market and a new Business Card of Chinese Nuclear Industry. It is also an iconic innovation of the industry.