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Two HBIS Projects Win First Prizes of Hebei Science & Technology Awards

April 23, People’s Government of Hebei Province published the winners of its 2019 Science & Technology Awards, HBIS Extra Thickness Plate Development & Applications for Core Equipment In Chemical Industry and Vanadium & Chromium Clean Extraction Technology and Applications won first prizes in the competition. Two HBIS projects won second awards and ten projects won third awards. HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong won the Extraordinary Contribution Award. 

Extra Thickness Plate Development & Applications for Core Equipment In Chemical Industry project makes a breakthrough in manufacturing the high thickness hydrogen Chromium-Molybdenums plates and completes its series of patent technologies in key equipment manufacturing in chemical industry beating the foreign control of extra high thickness Chromium Molybdenums plates in the market and improves the upgrade and domestication production of those equipment in petro chemical and coal chemical industry in the country. HBIS plates now accounts over 60% of domestic market, providing materials to more than 1000 large scale chemical equipment to the companies including Sinopec, CNPC and Shenhua Ningxia Coal. The equipment and HBIS plates have been exported to more than 16 countries, promoting Chinese brands.      

After the project of Vanadium & Chromium Clean Extraction Technology and Applications, HBIS owns the full spectrum of Co-extraction of Vanadium and Chromium technologies with 100% intelectual property rights. A 50,000-ton class pilot project has completed, making it the world’s first highly efficient extraction of Vanadium and Chromium, reducing the waste materials from the beginning of the procedures. This is a world’s leading technology in efficient and clean applications of Vanadium and Chromium resources. These two projects received the recommendation to the title of Key Orginal Innovation Projects in the National 973 Plan, two years a row. The Chinese Acadmy of Sciences also lists them two of 60 major accompliments in the 13th five plan.