Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Winning The Title of Preeminent Chinese Enterprise with International Influences

On May 10th, the fourth Chinese Brands Day, China metallurgical News published its 2020 Chinese Steel Industry Ranking List and HBIS won the title of Preeminent Chinese Enterprise with International Influences.

HBIS has been implementing the new development concepts and following the supply side reform requirements. HBIS is upgrading its industrial structure and making progress in international, green,high end and diversified development. By promoting its international brands, HBIS has been playing a leading role in world steel industry. HBIS Chairman Yu Yong is now the Executive Chairman of World Steel Association showing its influence in world steel industry. HBIS is always implementing the national strategy and dedicated to the national Belt & Road Initiative and Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. Keeping Chairman Xi Jinping’s requirements in heart, HBIS has been working hard to make HBIS Seriba one of the most competitive steel enterprises in Europe.HBIS Serbia Executive management since has won the Model Of Era title from the CCP Publicity Department. HBIS continues to improve material structure and client structure and its products enter aerospace industry, ocean engineering and military industry.

HBIS is implementing the emergency disease control requirements of CCP, State Council and Hebei Province, making it the most importatant job. HBIS has successfuly prevented any case of the new virus infection, making its own contributions in the fighting againest new virus epidemic. In the efforts, five HBIS medical staff joined the Hebei Provincial medical team and went to Hubei Province to support the disease treatment. HBIS shared its disease monitor system with the publish health authority for free and its 39,072 CCP members donated to help to purchase PPE materials. HBIS steel was widely applied in manufacturing Wuhan Quarantine hospital, face mask machine. HBIS medical oxygen is also essential in the fighting againest the disease.