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HBIS World’s Widest Moulding Steel Entering Top Medical Equipment Material Market, Breaking Foreign Market Control

HBIS has delieverd over 1000tons of its 4Cr13 high end moulding steel to manufacture Hyperbaric chamber, face mask machine and PEE making equipment, treating Covid-19 patients. Test result show the material meeting client requirements. This is the first time that HBIS premium moulding steel entering the medical equipment material market. The width of plate reaches 2300mm, the widest in the world, striving in the market once controlled by foreign steel manufacturers in 2000mm and above 4Cr13 moulding steel.

Premium 4Cr13 is stainless steel with excellent mechanical and corrosion resistant capabilities widely applied in manufacturing of high strength and Abrasion resistant hot oil pump, valve, valve bearing, medical equipment and spring parts. Particularly in high end medical equipment moulding steel, 4Cr13 is a very popular material. The high width steel has great application efficiencies that reduces material costs and production cycle.