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HBIS Successfully Manufacturing Heavy Load Rails Serving the world’s Fastest Operating Railway Systems

HBIS has delivered more than 4000tons of heavy load rails to China-Railway Jinan Railway Company to construct the 350km per hour Lunan High Speed Railway project. In total, HBIS will deliver 22,000tons of designated rails to the site.

High speed & heavy load rail is the state-of-the-art product, represssenting the highest capabilities of a steel enterprise. It is an important material building a high speed railway  project. A 350KM per hour heavy load railway is the fastest operating high speed system in the world. Compare to its slower counterparts, 350KM systems have extremely tough demands in inclusion, dimension, flatness and surface qualities. 

HBIS has been exploring the heavy load railway markets and deepening its cooperation with China Railway. The company has received product certificates from China Railway to provide heavy load steel materials, covering all types, dimensional, speed rails. Now, it is reaching 350KM per hour rails. With its technological breakthrough, HBIS is winning more and more contracts for its railway products.