Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

More Than 10 Series of HBIS Steel Become Country’s First Products

This year, HBIS has been strengthening its efforts of improving its client & product structures by developing latest and leading products in the globe. More than 10 series, including the widest moulding steel 4Cr13, heavy load railway tracks serving the world’s fastest high speed railway, type HC1300 square tube steel with the highest strength in the country, covering automobile steel, household appliance steel, bridge steel, CrMO steel. 

For automobiles, HBIS develops the country’s highest steel stable rods 40MnB5 with a world leading quality. HBIS has the 1300MPa class square tube steel HC1300, highest in China and the group already has the capability of mass production of square tupe steel ranging 780MPa-1300MPa. HBIS also develops of the country’s first 1100MPa high strength, 360degree Rolling formation & long welding steel for pavement rolling wheel type NM360-YLJ, making the wheels have a service time 2.4 times longer than their predcessors. The company develops high quality 1.0mm ultra thin patterned galvanized strips meeting all dimensional and capability standards, also, China’s first such strips. 

In household appliance board steel, HBIS successfully develop three types of products in four months, making them all first products in the country, including hot rolled structural Zn & Al & Mg, 450g/m2 class high thickness Zn & Al & Mg green and low cost strips, representing the cabilities of the group. The company also develops 0.4mm Al strips, ranging 0.44mm-3.0mm strips, satisfying weight reduction, high quality and low cost demands. 

HBIS develops 350Km/h heavy load tracks serving the world’s fast high speed railway networks in an effort of manufacturing all types and all speed railway tracks. Already, HBIS has delivered over 24,000tons of tracks to China Railway Lu-Nan High Speed Railway Project, Jing-Tang Intercity Railway Project.

In the fields of bridge steel, CrMo steel, moulding steel, polar energy steel, HBIS develops the country’s first 1Ni ocean weather bridge steel and already in industrial production, a pilot project in the steel industry. HBIS develops 172mm thickness and 49.58-ton CrMo plates, breaking the market control of foreign competitors with their thickness and unit weights and assisting the domestication of oil and chemical equipment manufacturing industry. HBIS 4Cr13 high end moulding steel owns a width of 2300mm, a new top of the world, ending the history of 2000mm and above thickness amoulding steel soly manufactured by foreign companies. This is product has wide applications ranges from high pressure oxygen capsue to facial mask making machine to PPE equipment manufacuring. First in the country, HBIS develops 600g-1000g per square meter hot rolled ultra thick galvanized strips are widely used to manufacture solar panel poles and underground cable gallary projects.