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HBIS TangSteel New Plant Commences Production

9:16, Septem 7, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong gave his order by announcing that “Officially, HBIS Tangsteel New Plant Commences its production”. Receiving his order, the No.1, 2922m3 blast furnace lit up the fire. This is also the commencement of a world class, modern coastal steel manufacturing base, a historic shift from city to coast, from land to deep blue.


HBIS President, CCP Vice Chairman Wang Lanyu attended the ceremony and read the a congratulation letter from HBIS Group. HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong hosted the ceremony and HBIS CCP Vice Chairman Li Bingjun, HBIS Vice President Liu Jian, MCC CERI Chairman Yu Wenyan, Shanghai Baoye Metallurgical Comany CCP Vice Chairman Xia Tao, CFHI Sales Corporation Supervisor Xu Fengyang, Tangsteel International Engineering Technology Company Chairman Liu Yuansheng came to the event as honorable guests.

After the ceremony, the guests made a site visit to the 2050mm hot strip rolling mill and company exhibition hall to have a thorough understanding to the new equipment, technology, product and application of AI technologies.

Yu Yong hosted the later launcing rally of Tangsteel New Plant. Passionately he said, this was a day that he would never forget and an important moment in history. The geographic shift of HBIS subsidiaries is implementing the policies of Hebei CCP and provincial government of performing Chairman Xi Jinping’s “Going Out, Actively upgrading and Fast shifting”instructions. It is an important step of an integrated effort of Chinese steel industry enhancing its capabilities. HBIS is firmly implementing the new development concepts and making a high quality growth. After the completion of the new plant, Tangsteel is moving from city to the coast, from land to deep blue. From this moment, HBIS owns an influencial coastal project.

Yu Yong emphasized, HBIS will honor its responsibilities by continuing to implement Chairman Xi Jinping’s new development concepts and become the high ground of Chinese and even the world steel industry.It will lead the technologies, innovations, new products and green development. The new plant will bring new engergy to Tangsteel, which is a traditional steel mill. Tangsteel is representing Chinese steel industry by contributing a better future to HBIS Group and fulfilling its responsibilities to upgrade Chinese steel industry. Also, Tangsteel will assist the development of social communicities.

Tangsteel New Plant is implementing the new development concepts in both project construction and operation. New Plant has advantages in technolgies, project locations, logistics, environment, procedures and AI technologies. Environmental friendy & Green production, Intelligent Production, Advanced production procedures, Highly efficient production flow, Influential brands and feasible projects. The new plant has adopted more than 130 world’s leading green & environmental protection technologies, and its emission standard is 10% lower than the strictest environmental requests. The new plant becomes the country’s first fully digitized plant, leading the industy and intelligent manufacturing. Its coastal location, efficient procedure allocation and fully marketized company structure give the company differentiated advantages. Its 238 items of new technologis are dedicated to key clients in automobile industry, including BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. First class equipment will produce first class stips and generate first class profits. Instead of traditional debt from the banks, HBIS has adopted a diversified funding structure for the new plant making it the most cost effective project of similar size in China.