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HBIS Ocean Environment Bridge Plates Building World’s First High Speed Rail Sea Crossing Bridge

The Southern tower of Fuxia High Speed Railway Quanzhou Bay Sea Crossing Bridge completed its construction, which is the world’s first sea crossing bridge for a high speed rail system. More than 3000tons of HBIS 1Ni Q345qDNHY-I Ocean Environment Bridge Plates were used to construct key components of the bridge with world’s leading capabilities in strength, low temperature ductility, ocean weather corrosion resistace. HBIS has delivered over 10,000tons of 1Ni plates to the project.

1Ni Ocean Environment Bridge Plate is widely considered the New Century Green & Environmental Friendly Steel by steel industry, representing the capability of an enterprise. It is widely used in bridge construction, engineering equipment and ocean engineer projects. Besides excellent ductility, high strength, metal fatigue resistance, lamellar tearing resistance, 1Ni also owns very good welding, processing and ocean weathering resistance properties. 

HBIS is investing hard on upgrading its product structure and client structures. By taking full advantages of its R&D capabilities, HBIS has been developing client oriented and high performance products. To meet Fuxia High Speed Rail Quanzhou Bay bridge demands, HBIS assigned R&D groups to resolve series of problems including surface quality control of special steel, high ally steel and ocean weathering resistant steel corrosion rate coordination. All product test readings satisfied the project requirements.