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HBIS Delivered 310,000tons of High Quality Steel to render meritorious service on Three Gorges Dam

Three Goregs Dam, as the presently world’s largest hydro-junction project and the most extensive and comprehensive benefit hydro-power generation, has completes all contructions and overall acceptance. In the construction of this key national project, HBIS has deliverd over 310,000tons of steel products to construct the key structure of the dam, such as power plant and other permernent structures. Among them, the quantity of high-end wide and thick steel plate accounts for more than 80% of the total amount of similar products, and multiple plates become China’s first of the types. HBIS high strength wires win bids 13 times in a role, making a new record of Three Gorges Dam Project construction.

In construction, a stack bridge project needed an emergency delivery of special dimension thick steel of width above 4000mm. In order meet this stringent requirements, HBIS project team modified the processing design of the vertical rollers, and increased their entrance width, from 4000mm to 4300mm and the width of their plates reached 4020mm, satisfying the project needs and fill the blank of domestic metallurgical products.

Manufacturing the power generators, HBIS worked closely with a key domestic hydro-turbine manufacturer and developed dedicated 12 types of Three Gorges Dam Steel, including type Q345R. In total, more than 30,000tons of HBIS plates were used to manufacture water turbines, generator top covers, foot rings and control rings, has made vital contribution on the domestic production of large generator sets to replace imported sets. The world’s largest hydro power plant, the world’s large workshop cranes, the 1200-ton crane lifting the generator stators, and rotors, all used HBIS plates.

The Three Gorges Dam project owns the world’s largest and highest head drop ship lock. The steel materials building the permernent ship lock should have extremely high characteristics including toughness and strength. To meet all demands, HBIS retrofited its equipment, technologies and successfully developed alloy structure steel type Q345BQ345DDH32. In total, more than 40,000tons of alloy structural plates were delivered to manufacture the 24 gigantic water lock gates.

The Three Gorges Dam Ship lift sytems adopted the country’s first toothed wheel & toothed rack vertical & balanced climbing design. They are now the most difficult and largest ship lifting systems in the world. The Three Gorges Dam ship lift purchased 2600tons HBIS plates, including 1800tons of low alloy steel type Q345D-Z25 with thickness ranging from 30mm to 130mm, to build ship lift water lock. Additional 800tons of alloy structural steel plates, type 42CrMo, thickness ranging 20mm to 150mm, were delivered to manufacture the tooth racks.