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Yu Yong Held Worldsteel Video Working Conference

December 11, World Steel Association(Worldsteel) Chairman and HBIS Group Chairman Yu Yong held the Worldsteel video working conference in Beijing. Yu Yong and Edwin Basson, Worldsteel Director General discussed the working dynamics of the association and the key work of next year. Yu Yong said Worldsteel should continue to act the role of a bridge and platform to study the impact Covid-19 on world steel industry and its future. Green Manufacturing, carbon reduction and carbon footprint must be strengthened and Worldsteel should lead the sustainable development of our industry. Green Steel could make the world a better and cleaner place.  

HBIS Vice President Li Yiren, Worldsteel Economics & Statistics Director Nae Hee Han, Worldsteel Beijing Office Chief Representative Zhong Shaoliang, Worldsteel Communications & Public Policy Director Nicholas Walters, Worldsteel Safety,Technology and Environment Director Andrew Purvis, WorldAutoSteel Director Cees Ten Broek also attended the conference. 

Yu Yong said that facing the impact of COVID-19 on global economic development and the huge challenges it has brought to the world steel industry, Worldsteel has maintained its normal operation and carried out many important activities through online means, achieving good results.

Mr.Yu Yong said the total output of world steel industry had been stable this year and the impact of Covid-19 to steel industry could be considered minor. Steel production is a classic hot and continuous process and the automatic production, intelligent manufacturing, remote control technologies are helping the industry minimize the impacts of the epidemics. Worldsteel should study the impact of Covid-19 to world steel industry and find out the gain and loss and provide analysis to world steel community. Worldsteel should have an open heart and go back normal operation when the disease is under control, to serve as a bridge and platform for industrial development and global economic exchanges

Mr.Yu Yong said Worldsteel should have a stronger voice in green manufacturing, carbon reduction and carbon footprint and the whole world steel industry should join in. Chairman Xi Jinping has instructed that through great efforts, CO2 emission of China should peek before 2030, and the carbon emission will go neutral before 2060. Under the guidance of this grand goal, Chinese steel industry will contribute heavily to Zero emission and new energy sectors. HBIS already, has been making breakthrough carbon reduction and zero emission projects, for example the Hydrogen Reduction Technology and their applications. The emission will be reduced exponentially and eventually will go Zero. It will kick off the development of China's steel industry from emission reduction to zero row. Worldsteel should conduct further research on the utilization of new energy and new technology, create a better platform, strengthen exchanges with Chinese steel enterprises and associations, and jointly promote the reduction of carbon emissions and carbon footprint of the world steel industry.  

Mr.Basson said Worldsteel had been operating online and its platforms were providing seamless services to its member companies and the feedbacks were showing that governments, NGOs, investors and online surfers who were paying more attention to Worldsteel, our association's influence is on the rise. There has been a huge increase in information requests from around the world, and we have also shown how to work to keep the industry sustainable. The mostly searched program of the association is Safety & Positional Health. Worldsteel provides guidelines to help the global steel industry to keep their workplaces safe and help their continuous operation. With the great support of HBIS, the construction steel project is making progress and HBIS and Worldsteel partners will enjoy the benefits.  

Mr.Basson said a sustainable steel industry and CO2  reduction were a consensus of world steel industry. Chinese initiative of carbon peak and carbon neutral are showing the opening policy of China and what the country would in future. Worldsteel is calling the world steel industry to find a best way to cut carbon emission. At the same time, the case led by technological innovation of HBIS is taken as a typical publicity to lead everyone to make greater contribution to emission reduction of the industry. Additionally, Worldsteel will invest more on intelligent manufacturing, safety & health, Covid-19 and steel industry, construction steel, automobile steel, to give better play to the role of the Association.

Before the conference, Mr.Yu Yong visited the Worldsteel Beijing Office and had a brief meeting with Mr.Zhong Shaoliang. He said the Office showed the weight of Chinese steel industry to the association and praised the Beijing Office connecting Chinese steel industry and its counterparts in the globe. The office is offering high quality and efficient services to its member companies all over the world. He hopes in the future, that the Beijing Office will shoulder the positioning and responsibility entrusted by the Association, further strengthen diversification, continue to spread the voice of the world's steel industry on China's steel industry, and at the same time spread a real Chinese steel industry to the global counterparts, to build a more solid bridge between China and the world.