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HBIS Won the Exclusive Right of Supply of thickest 3.5Ni steel in domestic market

HBIS 105mm 3.5Ni Steel plates has won exclusive contracts in a bid for Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Company 40million ton Refinery integration phase II project, which is a key Zhejiang Provicial 13th Five-Year-Plan Project. These 3.5Ni plates will be used to manufacture an important low temperature and high pressure equipment. They are the thickest domestically made 3.5Ni plates and beating foreign competitors.  

3.5Ni steel is low temperature steel with a 3.5% of Ni specification. Under -101 environment, it still owns excellant low temperature toughness, high strength and welding capability. It is one of the most important materials manufacturing lower temperature equipment and containers.With the rapid  development of China's petrochemical and coal chemical industries, the market demand for 3.5NI steel has a broad prospect.HBIS 3.5Ni steel key technical indicators and product quality are leading in the world. These 3.5Ni plates play an active role in filling the blank of the production technology of the -101 low temperature pressure device in China.

With the goal of "leading the high-quality development of the industry, constantly improving the core competitiveness and brand image", HBIS continues to increase the intensity of science and technology and innovation, and promotes the re-optimization of "Two Structures". With its globalized R&D platform, HBIS is providing personalized solutions to each client. While ensuring the excellent performancethe thickness of HBIS 3.5Ni plates has been reduced by 1/3, that makes significant cost reduction for our client. Beating its renowned international competitors, HBIS 3.5Ni delivery time is 20 days shorter.