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HBIS Galvanized Strips Building Qatar World Cup Stadiums

HBIS is winning an order of 600tons of DX52D+Z galvanized steel, which after further processing, will be used to build the 2022 Qatar Soccer World Cup stadiums. Previously, HBIS steel has been used to build Chinese National Stadium (Bird Nest), Wuyuanhe Sport Stadium, National Alpine Ski Center. HBIS fully supports constructions of major international sports events and also promotes to develop self-sport steel and exploring overseas markets.

HBIS has continually enhanced customer development efforts, paid high attention to the domestic and international markets, accurately seized opportunities, and made every effort to expand the market and create benefits. HBIS sales teams identify client demands and have professional discussions to promote HBIS premium products and services. Sales teams collaborate with technicians to guarantee the dimensions and surface quality of extra width plates by repeated careful consideration of contract details, to ensure efficient orders guarantee and meet the requirements of the project schedule..

2022 Soccer World Cup will be the first world Cup to be held in Qatar and ever in a middle east country. All sport stadiums and infrastructure projects are under intense construction and vigorously promoted.