Finance Sector

Hesteel finance sector owns four branch companies, including Hesteel Finance, Hesteel Lease, Hesteel Factoring and Caida Securities. Hesteel Finance was awarded top grade in finance industry in 2015, included in the cohort of A-class innovative finance corporations.

Since 2014, Hesteel has expedited the integration of production and corporate finance, optimized resource allocation and strengthened its finance sector which realized a total profit worth 10 billion Yuan. The overall profitability of the capital chain has seen substantial improvement, leading to an enhanced corporate competition.                          

Industrial and finance capital integration, industrial capital financialisation, significant profit growth realization.


Centered on integration of production and finance, Hesteel finance is to revitalize stock asset, utilize flow, and maximize increment, in order to gear up overall capital operation and fund intensification capability for an efficient industrial capital financialisation and finance capital industrialization. Financial securities business is to serve as a significant profit growth method for Hesteel. Take full advantage of Caida Securities’ golden license and professionalism, create and develop business function and build an influential and competitive integrated security company. Building on the scale of Hesteel’s capital chain, Hesteel Finance is set to serve as an internal financial service and capital control platform with fully licensed and comprehensive functions. In the fields of cross-border financial leasing, operational leasing and commercial factoring, Hesteel is to develop innovative business, explore financing channel and boost financing and finance profitability in virtue of concessional policies for Tianjin Free Trade Zone, and other concessional policies related to financial leasing and factoring industry.