Top Level! HBIS Subsidiary Leading Green Development of Steel Industry


Recently, the Environmental Engineering Evaluation Center of the National Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "2022 Steel Industry Green Development Level Assessment Report", HBIS Shisteel because of sound production process and equipment level, advantages in resource and energy consumption saving and carbon reduction, pollution control and emission performance and other aspect, won the highest evaluation level of "green development leader".

Supported by state level MEE,  Environment Valuation Intelligent Management Platform, State STW, PIGOSS and Super low Waste Emission Monitor Report of steel industry, the ministry studied the emission level, pollution management technology, environment management of steel industry and gave valuations to 42 producing and super low emission steel manufacturers in 2022.  

Focusing on the goal of Carbon Peaking and Neutralization, ecology, green & low carbon development have the first priority of HBIS Shisteel. The integrated development of academy studies and steel industry enters the whole process of production, concepts and technologies. Shisteel owns the most advanced green Full Scrap Arc Short Process steel facilities that adopt wide-flat torch burning technology, Non-smoking burning technology and world lead rolling control and heat control technologies enable the energy conservation, waste reduction along the whole production. The high standard pollution control and intelligent management system covers all the procedures, collecting and analyzing data 24 hours everyday. Compare to the old mill, Shisteel lows its composite environment energy consumption by 62% per ton, while lowing 75% carbon emission, and 75% of particles, SO2 and nitrogen oxide.