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Innovation platform

HBIS Group focuses on new materials, new energy, new processes, green low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing, strengthens the deep integration of production, education and research led by enterprises, creates a "3+1" R&D system with resource coordination and smooth operation, and promotes high-quality development with technological upgrading. "3" means to build a three-level R&D system, a group-level R&D platform, aiming at the world's frontier, national strategy and market demand in key areas; The technical center of the subsidiary is focusing on technology iterative upgrading, efficiency and guarantee capacity building. The R&D unit of the factory department solves the cost reduction and efficiency increase of production lines, quality control, and model standardization. "1" is to build a global technology research and development platform, gather global intellectual resources, and build 38 global technology research and development platforms with world-class leading enterprises and well-known scientific research institutes for metal material research and development, process research, green and low-carbon development, intelligent upgrading and other fields.

R&D Center

Taking the bottleneck problem of the industrial chain, the actual needs and future needs of users as the traction, it provides users with key common technical support for the whole chain from materials to applications. Establish and improve user service laboratories, material data centers, and user experience centers, with a complete set of technical service capabilities for the development and application of full-life cycl materials and form a scientific research system that obtains from user needs, orients material research and development, and precision technical services. Realize material breakthroughs, product substitution, technology leadership, construction market recognition, user-dependent technical service platforms and material incubation bases, as well as international first-class and domestic leading user technology research centers.

Key technologies

It has formed the whole process of steel production and manufacturing technology such as mining, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and deep processing.