Green and low-carbon

HBIS regards“harmonious coexistence of people, steel, and environment”as the core value concept, and regards“manufacturing green steel for human civilization” as its primary responsibility. Taking the lead in implementing the ”six-sphere integrated green development action plan” and actively promotes the “green”leading strategy. Anchoring the carbon peaking and neutrality goals, focusing on the“three major innovations”of energy technology, process technology, and material technology, release "6+2"low-carbon development technology roadmap in the industry for the first batch,striving to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

“green manufacturing” to"manufacturing green"

Continuously promoting the transformation from"green manufacturing"to"manufacturing green". Over 500 key energy-saving and emission reduction projects have been implemented since the 13th Five Year Plan, with the main energy and environmental indicators ranking first or even leading in China; We have taken the lead in completing the full coverage and ultra-low emission transformation of sintering machine desulfurization and denitrification facilities in China. We have built a full process energy conversion system, achieving efficient energy conversion of residual heat, energy, and pressure. The proportion of self generated electricity in core enterprises has reached over 85%, and we have been awarded the"Cultivating Enterprises through Best Practice Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Demonstration Plants“. Established the first special steel enterprise in the steel industry with zero discharge of wastewater using urban reclaimed water as the source of water, promoting harmony and mutual prosperity with the urban environment.

Leading low-carbon transformation

Committed to continuously leading the low-carbon transformation and development of the steel industry. We have built China's first fixed hydrogen refueling station and the first "diesel to hydrogen"green logistics chain, and successfully put the world's first 1.2 million t/y hydrogen metallurgy demonstration project into operation, which uses coke oven gas without reforming and promoting"energy revolution of replacing carbon with hydrogen"in steel industry. We are the first to release the"Carbon Neutrality Digital Platform(WisCarbon)"in the industry and have obtained compliance certification from TÜV, providing full process digital solutions for precise carbon reduction in the steel and its upstream and downstream industries. We have signed contracts with automobile companies such as BMW and GWM for the low-carbon steel industry chain, and collaborated with BHP to carry out CCUS technology research and demonstration, creating a new model of "collaborative carbon reduction"between steel and the industry chain. Always pay high attention to the development trend of low-carbon economy, actively explore low-carbon technologies and development paths, and contribute to the achievement of the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal with the "HBIS Plan".

Achieve sustainable development

Committing to the promoter, practitioner, and leader in the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry, he has been rated as a "leader"enterprise in China's industrial carbon peak and a"sustainable development winner enterprise" by the World Steel Association, becoming the only Chinese enterprise to receive this honor. Hailed by the China Steel Association as a successful example of creating clean production and green development for steel enterprises; The core enterprise is known as the"cleanest steel factory in the world", has been listed as a "resource saving and environmentally friendly" demonstration enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and has been recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the first batch of enterprises in the"Double Hundred Project" for comprehensive resource utilization. As the only domestic steel enterprise to receive the Excellence Award for Sustainable Development in the World Steel Industry.

In the future, HBIS will fully unleash its advantage of post location adjustment, lead by the low-carbon development roadmap, realizing deep green and low-carbon transformation, and continuously enhancing the green and low-carbon brand value of products. By leveraging the advantages of hydrogen metallurgy and electric furnace steel, we will further promote the construction of a renewable energy based electric hydrogen energy system, maximize energy efficiency, accelerate the development and application of CCUS, optimizing comprehensive green and low-carbon energy structure and process structure, to create steel products with lower emissions throughout their entire life cycle.
We are willing to join hands with global peers to create a better life for humanity with green steel.