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HBIS Chengsteel Aerospace Class Vanadium Facility Won Certificate from A Key US Titanium Alloy Manufacturer

HBIS Chengsteel Aerospace Class Vanadium production facility (for 99% V2O5) has received its Quality Certificate from a key US Multinational Titanium alloy producer, improving the market share of HBIS Chengsteel and promoting its brands in international market. 

In its effort of upgrading its Titanium & Vanadium sector, HBIS Chengsteel has been relying on the service platform provided by HBIS Duforco and building its own international client system, cultivating is high end and terminal clients. The high end market demands have successfully pushed the company to improve its products, services, technologies and management capabilities. With the assistance of Duforco, the company initiated its application procedures to the quality certificates of the US Titanium Alloy group in May and expanded its qualification endeavors.

In the qualification process, HBIS Chengsteel established micro teams to work side by side with HBIS Duforco and the target US client teams and carried out studies and analysis over 40 technological items. They worked hard to find the solutions and modified the existing facilities to improve their capabilities. The endless efforts have been fruitful and the company is now able to produce high quality V2O5 which has been certified by the client.