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HBIS & Northeastern University Holding The Second International Academic Annual Seminar


With the title of “Sustainable Steel Industry Making A Better World”, the world’s renowned experts and scholars exchanged and discussed their latest achievements in metallurgical processing, procedures, new material and application, equipment automation, energy conservation and environmental protection and explored new solutions of green and sustainable development of steel industry

August 21 and 22, HBIS and Northeastern University jointly hosted the Second International Academic Annual Seminar in Shijiazhuang.Chinese Iron & Steel Association and Chinese Society For Metals offered their great supports to the event.With the title of “Sustainable Steel Industry Making A Better World”, the world’s renowned experts and scholars exchanged and discussed their latest achievements in metallurgical processing, procedures, new material and application, equipment automation, energy conservation and environmental protection and explored new solutions of green and sustainable development of steel industry. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) & Director of Chinese Society For Metals Yu Yong, World Steel Association Director General Edwin BASSON, CAE Academician & Northeastern University Professor Chai Tianyou, CAE Academician and President HBIS & Northeastern University Industrial Research Institute Wang Guodong, CAE Academician and University of Science & Technology Beijing Professor Xie Jianxin attended this event. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman and Director of Chinese Iron & Steel Association Yu Yong, HBIS CCP Deputy Chairman and President Peng Zhaofeng, Northeastern University CCP Chairman Xiong Xiaomei, Northeastern University Principle Zhao Ji also attended the seminar.   

Institute of Process Engineering CAS CCP Chairman and Deputy Director Chen Yunfa, Chinese Society for Metal Director of Export Committee Wang Tianyi, Hebei Society for Metal Director General Liu Rujun, Vice President of Tata SteelDebashish Bhattacharjee, HBIS Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Wang Xindong, HBIS CCP Deputy Chairman Li Beingjun, Northeastern University Deputy Principle Tang Lixin, POSCO Senior Vice President& Head of Pohang Research Laboratory  Chul-Min, Bae attended the seminar.  

On behalf of HBIS, Yu Yong welcomed the visiting export ands scholars and made his speech titled Sustainable Development Making A better Life. He said that steel was a vital support to human civilizations. In the previous four-decade long reform and opening policy, the Chinese steel industry has been leaping forward and offering great support to the industrialization and modernization and making its contributions to the sustainable development of the world steel industry.  

Yu Yong said, to understand the development of world steel industry, people should have a clear, objective and comprehensive picture of the Chinese steel industry. With the continuous and rapid development of Chinese economy, the Chinese steel industry not only expanded its capacity but also acquired the world’s most advanced equipment and technologies, covering all steel products and striving to the mid/high end of the value chain in the globe. Chinese steel industry has been applying world’s leading procedures, core technologies, innovations and the most active elements of all societies, making it a powerful platform for the new development of the economy. It is also the most energetic and innovative play of world steel industry. Chinese steel industry has been following national strategies and applying the toughest environmental standards.They are retrofitting their equipment to make to ultra-low emission and becoming the leaders of environment protection and green manufacturing and supporting the sustainable development of world steel industry. 

Yu Yong said that the innovation and sustainable development of steel industry and making a better future for the people had always the goal of technological communities of steel industry. We will take our responsibilities to support the technological development, industrial upgrade and green & sustainable development. With the efforts of the whole industry, the future steel industry will be more active, more sustainable.

Zhao Ji made a speech of Setup the Cooperation Mechanism of Production & Academy & Research to support the coordinated and mutually beneficial development. He said that the topic of this annual seminar was about to explore the development  direction  of Chinese steel industry in this historical period in the new round of technology and industry reform. In background of Chinese macro economy of deepening technological structural reform, it will be essential to construct a long term and efficient cooperation mechanism which is led by enterprises and market oriented. The innovation system will involve the effective merger of Production & Academic & Research sectors. The coordinated innovation, research and education will be a roadmap of embedded development of universities. 

Zhao Ji said in the first two years of operation of HBIS & Northeastern University Technology Research Institute, the center has been focusing on strategic, frontier and bottleneck technologies of steel industry and explored market oriented,  and the package innovation of of procedure-equipment-product-service. Following the supply side reform policy, the enterprise oriented innovation merges the production and education and enhance the application of new technologies. Accomplishments have been made in project studies, technological innovation and industrial applications. The cooperation between Northeastern University and HBIS is not only developing a new model of technology application and technology transfer, it also explores a brand new model of deep level merger of Production & Academy & Research sectors in the embedded development of universities. It adds a bight chapter in its strive to a first class university.  

Yu Yong, Chai Tianyou, Wang Guodong and Xie Jianxin, the four academicians, and Mr. Edwin Basson  made their speeches of Thinking of Green & Intelligent Development of Steel Industry, The Intelligent Procedure of Manufacturing, Green Procedures, Intelligent Equipment, High quality Product and Supply Services--Making a world leading cluster of steel industry, Material Genome Project & Typical Cases, Development Trend of Global Steel Industry. From their perspectives, the world’s renowned experts gave their studies and thoughts  to the future green development, intelligent development of steel industry and tried to find solutions to cope with challenges. They are also exploring practical development solutions and find right direction for the steel industry.

Wang Xindong, Tang Lixin made their speeches of Practices and Forecasts of HBIS S&T Innovation, and Data Analysis and Optimization of Intelligent Industry. Addtional six experts from Institute of process engineering, CAS, Tata Steel, POSCO, Jiangsu Metallurgical Research Institute, Baowu Steel Research Institute, Finland also made their speeches.

Before the opening ceremony, the conference presented the first HBIS Golden Tripod Award to the winners. Academician Chai Tianyou and Wang Guoding win this year’s Special Contribution Award of Golden Tripod Award; Northeastern University Zhu Wancheng, Ding Jinliang, Chu Mansheng, Wang Cong, Fu Tianliang together win the first HBIS Golden Tripod Award. The conference also presented awards to the 2017-2018 HBIS & Northeastern University Research Institute first class projects and individuals. 

This year’s seminar includes conference presentations and symposium presentations. On August 21, 13 famous experts completed their conference presentations. August 22, eight symposium sessions including mining & beneficiation, coking & iron making, steel making & casting, hot & cold continuous rolling technologies and products, did/high thickness  plates, long and special purpose technologies and products, metallurgical equipment automation and intelligent manufacturing, energy & environmental protection and efficient application of resources were held and 153 exports made their speeches and received 332 papers.   

More than 500 leaders, experts and scholars from University of Queensland, University of Wollongong, University of Science & Technology,Beijing, Tianjin University, Chongqing University, Liangning Science & Technology, POSCO, Tata Steel, Siemens, Premetals, Danieli Group, Baowu Group, An Steel, Capital Steel, China Minmetal, World Steel Association, SwereaMEFOS, Chinese Iron & Steel Association, Chinese Society for Metals, Institute of Metal Research, CAS, Northeastern University and HBIS attended the event.