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38,000tons of HBIS Products Making Exclusive Sales To Iconic Winter Olympic Building

HBIS is working with Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG)to provide 30,000tons of high quality construction steel exclusively to build one of the Winter Olympic project-- National Alpine Skiing Center. 

National Skiing Center is the iconic project of the coming Winter Olympic Games and is extremely difficult to build. The contractor, BUCG, who had successful experiences with HBIS in the Beijing Sub-Administrative Center Project loves HBIS Services including “Designated Production, Precision Delivery, Online Query and 7x24 on site services”.

HBIS is strengthening its seamless connection with clients and exploring new opportunities in the market. Taking advantages of the previous successful working experience with BUCG, HBIS wins the exclusive contract for its construction steel.To provide services, HBIS assigns a professional team to understand the demands, discuss the capabilities of the products and delivery terms. Based on the previous HBIS model services, the company designed a comprehensive package and won the trust of the clients.