Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Chairman Meeting FISITA Chairman & TISRI President Zhao Fuquan

March 11, World Steel Association Executive and HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong in met FISITA Chairman, TISRI President Zhao Fuquan in HBIS headquarter and discussed to deepen the mutually beneficial and coordinated cooperation.

Yu Yong said steel industry and automobile industry have close connection and the innovations in metal material will enable automobile industry to start a new technological revolution, while the demand of automobile industry is also pushing the reform and upgrade of steel industry forward. Next, HBIS will be a core member of FISITA to harvest new clients. The group will participate all events and offer support to FISITA. To World Steel Association and FISITA, these two industrial organizations need to strengthen their communications and make a coordinated and mutually beneficial development. HBIS has the wishes to work with TISRI to establish a strategic partnership.   

Zhao Fuquan said the energy reform was the development direction of the future. Automobile industry needs light weighted and high strength steel materials. FISITA has the motives to strengthen its ties with WSA and tighten the cooperation between automobile industry and steel industry. Particularly, FISITA welcomes HBIS to the automobile family. TISRI is very glad to deepen its cooperation HBIS and provide high quality services, including development strategy, innovation and management improvement.

FISITA is one of the most influential international organization of world’s automobile industry and is being called the palace of world’s automobile technology and the United Nations of automobile engineers associations of countries.