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HBIS & Tenova Upgrading Tradtional Steel Making Technology With Hydrogen

November 22, HBIS and Italian Tenova-LOI signed a MOU of joinly developing hydrogen steel making technology. With world’s leading hydrogen generation and hydrogen reduction technology, together with CERI, the partners will study to build the world’s first showpiece 1.2million-ton hydrogen steel making factory. The project will adopt new technologies in the all procedures including distributed green energy, low cost hydrogen generation, COG purification, gas reforming, hydrogen metallurgy, hot metal delivery, CO2 ejection. They will explore the low carbon, even zero carbon development for the world steel industry. Start from energey structure, the project will find the solutions that reduce environmental pollution and carbon emission. The partners will lead the reform of the traditional steel industry.

In the background of decarbonization in the globe, the reform of traditional steel technology with the characteristics of rduction of carbon footprint and carbon emssion is now the new trend of green steel industry. Hydrogen is replacing coal and reforming the structure of energy consumption. Low carbon and zero carbon procedures will be the ultimate solution of environmental pollution and carbon reuction.

As one of the world’s largest steel enterprises, HBIS has always been dedicted to low carbon technologies and green development of the industry. Tenova owns unique advantages in hydrogen metallurgy, CCUS and hydrogen application experiences.Since July 2019, the parties have been discussing the hydrogen metallurgical technologies and their applications, especially key technologies of hydrogen replacing carben, procedure roadmap, resoure and energy avaialablility. Concensus was made.

With the MOU in place, in the strategic reform and upgrade of HBIS, Tenvoa will contribute its initial hydrogen reduction technology to the venture and start the full life hydrogen metallurgy projects, including distributed green energy application, hydrogen generation and stockpile, hydrogen metallurgy, CO2 ejection. They will jointly develop hydrogen based new steel technology and procedures and build the world’s first showpiece hydrogen steel making facility using distributed green energy, including solar energy and wind energy. Together with industral hydrogen generation and water electrolysis, the project will lead the technological revolution and green development in world steel industry.