Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Chairman Met CMET CCP & Group Chairman Wang Xiufeng and Sinotrans CCP & Group Chairman Li Guanpeng

July 13, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong visited CMET Beijing Headquarter and met its CCP & Group Chairman Wang Xiufeng and Sinotrans CCP & Group Chairman Li Guanpeng and agreed to optimize their resources and deepened their cooridnated development efforts.

Yu Yong said CMET had applied investment, financing and internet concepts in the development of expressway systems, giving new life to the traditional industry, a great concept HBIS could borrow. A very traditional industry could be enhanced to a high tec one after defining new concepts and making unexpected achievements. Sinotrans Limited Company is a typical light weight asset company. With its own brands and enterprise platform, it has mergered its logistics and transport resources. In the new business cycle the new resource allocation and application capabilities are more important than owning the resources. This is the development direction of light weight asset companies. HBIS is a heavy asset and high volume steel mill with trillion Yuan class worth in assets and clients.  Well improving its value chain and profit chain, HBIS and CM Group could be more coordinative and complementary to improve their resource allocation and operate efficiencies.

Wang Xiufeng said being elected the Chairman of World Steel Association, a global assocation of steel industry, Mr.Yu Yong showed his personal strength and the capabilities of HBIS. It is also shows the performance of the state and its steel industry. HBIS Serbian Executive Management team winning the title of “Model of Era”is also CMET teams should learn. CMET has established a very good coopeartion with HBIS in steel logistics. With further cooridnation, the partners could improve the road application rate and lower the logistic costs.

Li Guanpeng said logistics and steel industry, had alot in common. HBIS steel processing and distrituion services are adding more value to industries. CM Sinotrans and HBIS have great potential in port transportation, logistics and warehousing. The partners should deepen their cooperation and take full advantages their resources and maximize the profits.