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HBIS & ZPMC Signing Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

July 15,HBIS and ZPMC signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai and the partners would take full advantages of the implementations of key state strategies and explore new opportunities in multiple industrys. They will optimize their resources and build a more competitive strategic communitie and provide high quality services to clients. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met ZPMC  CCP & Group Chairman Zhu Lianyu and agreed to deepen their cooperation in the whole industrial chain. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian, ZPMC President, CCP Vice Chairman Huang Qingfeng and CFO Zhu Xiaohuai attended the event and HBIS Vice President Li Yiren and ZPMC Chief Accountant Li Ruixiang siged the Agreement.

In the meeting, Yu Yong said ZPMC was rich history and innovative concepts. As a leading company in the industry, ZPMC concepts, technologies, business models, particularly, its roll in the national strategies and social functions are impressive. HBIS has been investing heavily in upgrading its product and client structures. It high end client demands are effectively enhancing HBIS products. Manufacturers’ new products will also raise their requriements to materials while new materials will also allow manufacturers to develop better equipment. Besides traditional trade, HBIS and ZPMC will find more common interests and explore more opportunities in new material, financing, third party market. Taking advantages full own capabilities, they could coordinate their efforts and push their cooperation to a new level. 

Zhu Lianyu said HBIS was one of leading steel enterprises in the whole world. Its capital investments and upgrade of industrial chain were very fruitful. Becoming the Chairman of World Steel Association, Yu Yong, Chairman of HBIS, is the pride of the Chinese Steel Industry. Besides trade, ZPMC  has identified procedural innovation, overseas development, industrial chain coopeartion to work with HBIS. In future, the partners should strengthen their coopeartion and find more future oriented opportunities.

With the Agreement in place, HBIS and ZPMC will benefit from the implementations of key national strategies, including Xiong An New District Project, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development, Yangtze Rive Delta Economic Belt and Belt & Roade Initiative. They will work on EVI, value added Industrial Chain, coordinated efforts in new industries and optimize their resources and coordinate their strategies. The partners will joint handedly develop a port equipment & bridge steel R&D center to develop new steel to compete with imported products. They will build a processing and distribution center for steel materials. They will open their internal markets and diversify and extend their coopeartion to push the Bohai Sea Intelligent Port project and Green Logistic projects forward. Capital investment, new product development and market promotion will enable  the partners to enter new strategic industries and win projects in Belt & Road Initiative. They will learn from each other to maintain their leadership their own industries.

Before the meeting, Yu Yong and HBIS delegation visited the ZPMC exhibition center to have a better understanding to ZPMC and later ZPMC and HBIS promotion CPRs were played.