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HIBS Fine Steel Applied Widely In The Newly Completed Beijing Xiongan Intercity Railway

The new icon of Chinese high speed railway system, Beijing-Xiongan Intercity completed its construction on August 17. In total, HBIS delivered over 100,000tons of high quality high rise building steel, bars and wires to construct railway stations and power cable frames.

Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway project was the first key transport infrastructure in constuction of Xiongan New District and considered an intelligent high speed railway system with World class capabilities, International Standard, Chinese Characteristics and high tec.

Xiongan High Speed Railway Station is a mega grid in Xiongan Railway network,which is equivlent the size of 5 Beijing Railway Station and 96 Standard football fields. HBIS high end structural steel is used to build core sections of the station, including its 80mm Q345GJC-Z35 plates, adopting TMCP technologies following strict precision codes. This material owns extremely high lamellar tearing resistant capabilities through thickness characteristics and high purity characters. HBIS technicians  monitor the rolling procedures closely and insure the capabilities and quality of the plates. All piles made of HBIS plates meet the technical requirements of hammering into the grounds.

In construction of the projects, the contractor adopted the integrated assembly technology. This is a revolutionary milestone in Chinese high speed railway bridge construction. HBIS wires with excellent anti-corrosion and high strength, high ductility, high welding capabilityies were delivered to build supporting frames and received high remarks. 

In delivery period, HBIS provided “Designated Production, Precision Delivery, Online Tracking, 7×24 on Site”HBIS Servics. HBIS managed to delivered optimized production scheduling, logistics and project site services.