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First HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station Is In Operation

August 28, witnessed by Provincial leaders, experts and enterprise executives, first HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station commenced its business operation. This is a first permernent hydrogen refueling station operated by a steel manufacturer in the country. Also, the country’s first 49-ton hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck enters operation in paralle, making a complete green and recycable industrial logistic system. A brand new application of hydrogen resources is in service. Besides urban public transport and logistics, hydrogen is now able to power heavy load trucks, which is a milestone in the history of hydrogen application in the country. In metallurgical industry, this is also an important strategic development of hydrogen applications. 

HBIS pilot is in HBIS Hansteel and owns daily refueling capacity of 500Kg with 35MPa and 70MPa pressure. It is able to refuel hydrogen fuel-cell vechcles and hydron trailers, 20 49-ton hydrgon fuel-cell trucks. In the station, 49-ton trailers, 31-ton dumpbers, 9-ton trucks and ferry buses are running. With the hydrogen station and “Diesel To Hydrogen Transferformation”of Heavy Truck Project in place, HBIS will accummulate data to support further design and optimization of hydrogen stations and vechicles. HBIS will also explore a sustainable business model to build a nectwork of Hydrogen generation, refuelling, clients and hydrogen materials in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. 

Over the yeas, HBIS has been implementing new development concepts and hydrogen is one of the strategic industries. The company is dedicated to make highly representative zero emission and zero pollution enterprise. HBIS has its own advantages in leading hydrogen generation, equipment and stocking. With its cocking oven gas, the company is able to purify 2.32billion cubic meters of hydrogen gases. In HBIS automobile management system, over 50,000 vechicles are running, consuming hydrogen. Together with Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Center, CISRI, Northeast University, HBIS jointly established the Hydrogen Technolgy & Innovation Center to Support all efforts in hydrogen projects. HBIS is now working with CISRI, Weichai Group, State Grid Investment Group, CIMC and Shanghai Re-Fire Group. The second pilot hydrogen station has completed its construction and will commence its operationn soon in Tangshan Port District.