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HBIS & Danieli Building A Raw Model of World’s Most Competitive Partnership


September 22, HBIS and Danieli Group signed a joint venture agreement in HBIS headquarter to develop the New HBIS Shisteel Project, which would be a world class special steel mill. This is a latest step of the partners implementing the two countries concensus and launching a high level open & international cooperation. Also, HBIS takes this opportunity of the country deepening its reform and open policies, enhencing the reform the diversified enterprise ownership. HBIS CCP and Group Chairman Yu Yong, Danieli Group President Benedetti Gianpietro made their speeches and witnessed the signature of the agreement. Danieli CEO Mareschi Giacomo, Councilor for Productive Activities and Tourism of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Bini Sergio Emidio, First Counsellor Head of the Economic and Commercial Office, De Maigret Emanuele and made their speeches. On behalf of two groups, HBIS President & CCP Vice Chairman Wang Lanyu, Danieli China CEO Martino Francois David signed Joint Venture Agreement.

HBIS Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Wang Xindong hosted the event and HBIS Chief Accountant Hu Zhigang, Danieli CFO Brussi Alessandro, Danieli AP CFO Ambrosino Domenico joined the event. 

In his speech, Yu Yong said Danieli was an extremely innovative enterprise and owned world leading service concepts. It is an important partner of HBIS in the globe and has been working together very well. China is the world’s largest steel maker and consumer. Its high quality development, supply side reform and high end market demands are bringing great opportunities to investors.

HBIS and Danieli have their reasons to launch this revolutionary venture which would draw them closer. China and Italy have reached a concensus to build an opened and globalized economy, which provides a positive environment for HBIS and Danieli. With the support of the two countries, HBIS will strengthen its cooperation with Danieli to provide better technologies and products. We will give the world a greener and more environmental friendly steel industry.

In a video speech, Danieli President Benedetti Gianpietro said, the coming joint venture would bring more value to both groups and after his meeting with Chairman Yu Yong, Danieli realized innovation and technology were the prioirty of and core of HBIS development. Danieli is dedicated to use innovated technologies to lower OPEX and improve product technologies. New equipment and technologies will contribute to sustainable and green development of green steel industries. Improvement  and innovation are in the gene of Danieli and HBIS. Danieli is looking forward to a suscessful and satisfying joint venture.

Danieli CEO  Mareschi Giacomo saidthat the world ecomony was in a difficult time and all major steel manufacturing countries are suffering. With the lower production and steel consumption, the solution of steel industry is going green. The partners should go through difficulties together and HBIS and Danieli could explore more opportunties. With this joint venture in place, the partners will benefit from their own advantages and implement all projects. A class partners are necessary elements to susccess.

Councilor Bini Sergio Emidio said he was pleased to come to this event. Danieli is a raw model of technological innovation and a key player in frontier research and innovation. It is also an excellent partner of multi-national enterprises. The joint venture today makes Danieli and HBIS international cooperation partners. World communities and governments are investing more on environmental protection, and Danieli and HBIS joint venture is taking this opportunity. 

On behalf of Italian ambassador Luca Ferrari, First Counsellor De Maigret Emanuele congradulated the signature of joint venture agreement and said its had been 50 years since Italy and China established their diplomatic relationship. At this particular moment, Danieli and HBIS joint venture is an important marriage integrating their resources and opportunities, also making a showpiece project to all Italian and Chinese joint ventures.  Italian government, as usual, will continue to support ventures of enterprises and wishes HBIS venture a success one.

Witnessed by Yu Yong,  Benedetti Gianpietro, Mareschi Giacomo, Bini Sergio Emidio and De Maigret Emanuele, Wang Lanyu and Martino signed the agreement. According to the agreement, they will develop HBIS Shisteel New district with HBIS brands, HR, markets, Danieli concepts, technologies and management experiences. The venture will target high end special steel for equipment parts by developing 5+ intelligent manufacturing, short procedure technology, full procedural low emission technology. The project will adopt the world’s latest technologies and equipment, including digitized manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection and high efficiency production. It will become a showpiece project in China and the world special steel industry.