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HBIS & Yanshan Univerisity Jointly Launching High Quality Steel Manufacturing & Application R&D Center


September 23, HBIS and Yanshan University jointly launched their High Quality Steel Manuacturing & Application R&D Center in HBIS headquarter. The partners will pursue an innovation oriented development strategy and strengthen the enterprise & university coordination to promote a green steel industry and intelligent manfacturing capability. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, Yanshan Univerisity CCP Chairman Zhao Xianfeng, delivered their speeches and together, witnessed the signature of JV Agreement and unveiled the name plaque for the center. HBIS President and CCP Vice Chairman Wang Lanyu, Yanshan Univerisity CCP Vice Chairman, Principal Zhao Dingli attended the event. HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Yanshan Univerisity CCP Committee Standing Member, Deputy Principal Zhang Lifeng signed the agreement.

HBIS CCP Vice Chairman Li Bingjun hosted the event and Yanshan University previous Principal and Machinery & Engineering College Pressor Liu Hongmin attended the ceremony.

Yu Yong said competitive capability of an enterprise, more and more relied on intelligent manufacturing, innovation and technologies. After decades of growth, HBIS is turning to upgrading its products, while great technologies, human talents are greatly needed. HBIS will invest its resources to this newly established R&D center to gain more improvements in higher quality and more capable products. HBIS is one of the largest steel manufacturers and comprehensive service suppliers and Yanshan University is a leading player in material sciences. On the shoulder of Hebei and Chinese steel industry, the partners will fulfill their responsibilities in their endeavors of transforming the industry, from big size to strong, from strong to high precsion. In future, the new center will resolve problems for the enterprises, futher, they will find Hebei solutions in procedure and technology innovations.  

Zhao Xianfeng said the new center marked a higher level of cooperation. The center will help the partners to enhance their competitiveness to cope with a shifting industrial environment and strengthen their advantages in the whole industrial chain. The center will meet the demand of high quality development of steel industry and target key state projects and find solutions to prospective and strategic projects. Key technology breakthrough will be made to provide better services to Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei Coordinated Development, particularly the reform and upgrade and green development of Hebei steel industry. With the new center in action, Yanshan University will find its position in the innovation chain and strengthen its cooperation HBIS in all fields and levels. The Center will show its values.  

According to this Agreement, HBIS and Yanshan Univerisity will enhance their coordinated innovation and applications of their innovations. They will share their key research equipment and their networks, providing services to the industry. The center will improve academic communications and personnel exchanges by building a graduate and post graduate internship platform and a training center for talents of a green steel industry.