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HBIS 1300MPa Ultra-High Strength Martensitic Steel Reducing Weight of Passenger Cars

HBIS has delivered its newly developed ultra-high strength 1300MPa Martensite steel to a renowned automobile manufacturer in southwestern China. HBIS specifically develops for this client to manufacture safety structures of it passenger carsas a substitute material for ultra-high strength steel, it is used in the manufacture of safety structural parts of new passenger cars.

With the weight reduction of passenger car continues, ultra-high strength steel wins more grounds in the market. Replacing lower strength steel, the safety structures of passenger cars could improve their safety performances while reducing weights and reducing energy consumption. This newly developed MS1300 steel owns low cost, short delivery term and high-performance characteristics. The designated steel replaces the original 1000MPa steel to manufacture front stringers, back stringers and front bumpers, reducing the weight of safety structures by 35%.