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HBIS Manufacturing China’s First 180mm Thick FH785 Marine steel

Recently, the 180mm thick high strength grade FH785 Marine steel plate developed by HBIS has been successfully rolled off the production line, making them China’s first high grade, high strength, high profit and complicated new ocean steel plates. Breaking the market control of foreign plates, HBIS plates could win more grounds in the market and make more profits. 

High grade and high thickness Marine steel are widely applied in ocean oil rigs, wind turbine engineering ships. With the ships going deeper in the ocean, ocean equipments should sustain bigger waves, currents and corrosions. The industry thus raises the requirements to thickness, strength and ductility. Previously, Chinese manufacturers have always importing high thickness plate building key parts of the platforms. In order to break the monopoly and win better shares, HBIS develops its FH785 marine steel relying on the national major special projects. 

HBIS FH785 extra thickness plate is new type of environmentally frendly ocean engineering material with a thickness of 180mm, yieding strength of 785MPa and impact engergy of -60 low temperature ductilityit has super impact resistance and super high strength and other properties and its impact resistance, high strength and ductility readings are doubling traditional plates. Compared with other high-grade offshore steel, the steel plate is easy to be welded during the processing process, which can accelerate the manufacturing process and reduce the processing cost. Therefore, it is a hot research and development direction in the same industry at home and abroad.Because this steel plate is the highest grade and the maximum thickness that can be reached by the large thickness offshore steel plate in China at present, it has higher requirements for technical innovation, equipment utilization and quality control.