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HBIS New Product Technology Reached the International Advanced Level

March 26, HBIS successfully produced 200tons of DP1180 dual phase steel strips, applying 1200MPa class fast cooling cold rolling technology, with a 95% of Class Ace rate. The technology successfully solves the industry problem of poor rolling stability of 1200MPa cold-rolled dual-phase steel, reaches the international advanced level, and provides strong support for speeding up the quality and quantity improvement of ultra-high strength products and profitability. 

1200MPa cold rolled dual phase steel owns high formabilities and high strength. Multiple metal elements are added to give it higher strength. The downside of those elements bring difficulties to steel making, hot rolling, cold rolling procedures and high costs. 

HBIS gave full play to the strength of the technical team and set up a technical research and development team of 1200MPa cold-rolled dual-phase steel to carry out technical research on low-cost and ultra-high strength duplex steel with good performance, and successfully developed “A 1200MPa super-fast cold-rolled duplex steel plate and its preparation method”.The technology has been authorized by the national invention patent.