Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

The 200th! HBIS Making Higher in the Global Fortune 500

On August 2, Fortuneglobally synchronously released the 2021 Fortune Global 500 enterprises, HBIS ranked the 200th place with the revenue of 52.7607 billion US dollars, a new high in the list.  This is the 13th consecutive year that HBIS has been listed on the world's top 500 list, up 18 places from 2020.  

In 2020, HBIS successfully managed the Covid-19 control and enterprise operation, holding its innovation oriented development and upgrading. HBIS has achieved remarkable results in professional operation of its main iron and steel business, and its customer structure and product structure have accelerated towards the high-end.  More than 150 new products were developed throughout the year, 16 of which filled the domestic gap. The domestic market share of special coating Zn-Al-Mg and Al-Si-coated products ranked first, and the sales volume of extra-large Angle steel ranked first in China. 

HBIS has built a Full Industrial Chain Strategic Cooperation with ZPMC and DMSSC, deepened its strategic cooperation with BMW, TOYOTA, SAIC MOTOR, Haier, Gree, Midea and continued to be China’s largest household appliance steel supplier and second largest automobile steel supplier. HBIS is now able to manufacture all types steel products for automobiles and delivering its products to most of domestic passenger automobiles.

HBIS actively promote HBIS Tangsteel new district, HBIS Shisteel new district and has made them in to operation, surrounding the building on behalf of the Chinese and the world advanced level in iron and steel industry of high technology, innovative highland, products highlands, intelligent manufacturing and green development targets, speed up the release of two new districts capabilities and energy, will be two new location advantage, first-class equipment advantage, technology advantage into profitability. HBIS has accelerated the layout of strategic emerging industries, and these sectors enjoyed strong growth.

HBIS is launching its Weshare Industrial Internet 4.0 Business model, 5G+ local network. The country’s first Synchronous operation demonstration project of hydrogenation station and hydrogen fuel truck are now in operation. HBIS is procuring cross-border RMB settlement with the world's "big three" iron ore suppliers. HBIS TTIE IOT, HBIS TTIE LOGISTICS, Hebei Steel Transaction Center volume and profits are all on the rise and lay a leading role in the industry, brand influence and reputation to achieve new improvement. HBIS now is the World Steel Association Chairman unit and has jointly launched World Steel Development & Research Institute with USTB, making it a brand new research platform for the sustainable development of the industry. HBIS is steadily going global with an increasing revenue outside China. It has been winning the title of Most Internationalized Steel Manufacturer of China. Yu Yong, chairman of Worldsteel and Chairman of HBIS Group, presided over relevant working meetings of Worldsteel, promoted relevant work, and was re-elected chairman of Worldsteel.