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HBIS High Thickness 250mm Marine Engineering Plates FH36 Receiving Certifications of Shipping Societies Making Thickness & Dimensional Records of China

HBIS newly has developed the highest grade 250mm thickness Marine steel FH36, which has successfully passed the test certification of 5 classification societies, and the certified thickness and specification fill the gap in China.  In this way, HBIS has achieved full coverage of the thickness of the highest grade of Marine engineering steel, which effectively boosts the localization process of China's Marine engineering equipment manufacturing steel.  

Ocean engineering steel is the precondition of exploration and development of ocean resources and the guarantee of national defence and ocean welfare. High thickness ocean engineer plates are mainly used to build ocean rigs, wind turbine installation ships. The equipment must endure wind, wave, strong current and corrosion on the oceans and thus raising high requirements to thickness, strength and toughness of the plates. With the development of shipping and ocean engineer industry, the demands of plates will continue to rise.

To improve the domestication of high thickness plates, HBIS 50mm FH36 plate has received the certifications of 6 shipping societies and develops better FH36 plates, covering all thickness and dimensions. HBIS teams work closely with all shipping societies and fully understand the technological requirements. They design the procedures to meet all specifications and resolve all major hurdles of 1/2 position defects and the quality fluctuation in ultrasonic inspections, meeting all contract requirements.