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HBIS Delivering High Strength Abrasion-Resistant Steel To World Leading Manufacturers

The abrasion-resistant steel NM450-ZW from HBIS which is 180 degree bended through 10 passes has been recently delivered to SANY, a world leading equipment manufacturer to build its mining carriages, with its excellent bending capabilities, meeting all client demands.

Over the years, the need for weight reduction of engineering equipment and automobile industry has been increasing, including the high strength and bending capable abrasion-resistant steel materials. HBIS takes this opportunity and develops its new products, with its Full-Process EVI services, and designated abrasion-resistant plates. Its NM450-ZW is the top bending capable plate in the domestically produced 1450MPa class plates and could prolong the service life of railway carriages by 2-3times, while reducing the weight of the carriages by 17-40%.