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SA516Gr70 Steel Makes HBIS China’s Top Container Steel Producer

HBIS has newly developed its 304mm SA516Gr70 container plates, 100mm thicker than existing standards. HBIS is now, able to manufacture SA516Gr70 plates, with a thickness ranging 8mm-304mm, becoming China’s only steel mill producing all thickness plates of SA516Gr70 steel.

SA516Gr70 is a type of mid/low pressure taking container steel with low hardness, high thickness and homogeneity properties. Before HBIS new plates, the domestic producers have been able to produce GB Grade 1 of Defect Detection with the thickness below 150mm. A thicker and better SA516Gr70 plate will have a longer and safer service life. SA516Gr70 is a new choice in the world marekt and clients. 

In its efforts of opmization of products & cliennts, HBIS is developing more single champion prducts, including SA516Gr70 plates. The SA516Gr70 micro R&D team adopts a new specification design, new steel making procedures, rolling procedures and special heat treatment technologies, all contributing to a high tech, high value added product, meeting all personalized requirements. SA516Gr70 is rolled to all thickness, from 8mm to 304mm. It is low temperature impact is -52 and the maximium high temperature welding time is 26 hours. Besides key domestic projects, HBIS SA516Gr plates have been delivered to projects in USA, Canada, South Korea and Turkey.