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HBIS Develops Domestic Highest Strength Galvanized Low Alloy High Strength Steel Helps a JV Passenger Car Reinforcement Upgrade

HBIS has successfully delivered its newly developed 600MPa class galvanized low alloy steel, type HC550LAD+Z, to a China & Oversesas Investor JV automobile manufacturer. Product performance indicators are good, highly recognized by customers and won a futher contract of 500tons. The new product is owns the highest strengh in China and will be used to manufactuer reinforced part of back beams of passenger vehicles. 

Galvanized low alloy high strength steel has high strength, good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, widely used in body structure parts and reinforced parts.  For a long time, the domestic galvanized low alloy high strength steel strength grade is mainly below 500MPa.  The 600MPa galvanized low alloy high strength steel is becoming the new favorite of automobile manufacturers because of its higher strength and other characteristics.  

In the efforts optimization of products and clients efforts, HBIS R&D platforms and the state level technology development center helped to develop new products, overcoming key problems producing new products. The new products are offering higher profits winning new clients. Accurately identify the processing characteristics of customers' products, optimize the key process technology of the whole process, and ultimately ensure that the mechanical properties and surface quality of the products fully meet customers' high standard requirements.