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HBIS Light Weight Green & Environmental Friendly Plates Building the Key Parts of Batang Hydropower Plant On Jinsha River

HBIS light weight green & environmental friendly plates are winning contracts to build the key parts of Batang Hydropower Plant on Jinsha River. 

By improving the product structure and client structure, HBIS is developing high end products, including champion hydropower plates. Spiral case is the key part of the water turbine of a hydropower unit, which has strict requirement for steel materials. HBIS specifically designs the plates for this project with higher strength, better toughness, fictile and welding capabilities. Besides light weight and environmental friendly plates, HBIS devliery time is 7 days shorter than client requirements. 

After completion, Batang Hydropower Plant could reduce the consumption of coal by 1.05million tons and reducing the emission of 3.15million tons every year. It is of great significance to transform the advantages of local clean energy resources into economic advantages to promote the long-term stability of local society and high-quality economic development.