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Two HBIS Project Winning WSA No.12 Steelie Awards

September 27, World Steel Association (WSA) published the winners of its 12th Steelie Awards, HBIS Large integrated intelligent unmanned material yard and HBIS Online training and innovation platform won the Excellence in Sustainability Award and Excellence in Education & Training Award. 

HBIS Large integrated intelligent unmanned material yard     is the first pratical, reliable, cost effective, environmental friendly and intelligent stockpile system in the industry, with fully closed discharging, stockpiling, closed transportation and moisture control, suppressing dust emission. The whole system is visualized, intelligent management, full process monitoring, intelligent scheduling, digitized material management, improving the efficiency, lowing the material costs and enegery costs.

HBIS Online training and innovation platform is a internet orient and communicative training platform, independently development by HBIS teams. It is providing training progrems for 61 mandatory and 150 optional courses and giving diversified, personlized and effiective training to company emloyees. Alreaday, more than 5.5million peron-times have loged on the system, including WSA Steel Challenging Champions, Mr.Zhou Wentao, Tang Xiaoyu and Shi Xiaowei. HBIS also provides training programs to government agencies and other enterprises, serving more 500,000 trainees.    

WSA Steelie is dedicated to member companies that made extraordinary contributions for the industry in the previous year. This year, Steelie has six categories. Excellence for sustainable development recogonizes the contribution for sustainable development or development of economy, environment and social welfair of the member company, country and regional WSA. The Education and Training Award is dedicated to promote the member companies for their contributions in training for the present and future employees.