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HBIS Power Transmission Wire, Jewels in the Crown

The tensile strength, twist numbers of the latest HBIS Invar wires are 6.32%, 10.8% and 230% higher than standards of T/CEEIA 429-2020 for Aluminium clad invar wire for electrical purposes, leading in world steel industry. HBIS is now manufacturing the world’s top power transmission wires.  

The new invar wires enable the power industry to double the transmission distance and are called the Jewels in the Crown. The long production process, high tech procedures and narrow specturm of control parameters made them difficult to produce. 

Focusing on innovation and new markets, HBIS develops “World’s First”,“China’s First”and “Champion Products”. HBIS teams understand the market of Invar wires and engages the university research teams and power line manufacturers to develop the new products. First in the industry, the project team adopted the nano Composite Second Phase Particle precipitation technology to master the whole process, including composition design, steel making, procedure control, to improve the performance of the wires and lower the costs in mass production.