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HBIS ZX HIGH TECH Registered Trademark Receives CNIPA Authorization

October 25, ZX HIGH TECH registered trademark received the authorization from China National Intellectual Property Administration, which could promote ZX HIGH TECH brand values and and market shares, and will build ZX HIGH TECH as a high-tech enterprise that originated from steel and surpass steel to achieve innovative development in the field of new materials in the process of accelerating the transformation from steel to materials, from manufacturing to services.

ZX HIGH TECH comprehensively strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, carried out trademark strategic layout, and bring more energy to the enterprise, to make full use of existing trademarks, establish a good brand image, improve brand awareness, explore the market commercial value, and continue to cultivate independent brands. 

ZX HIGH TECH has been establishing "solid barriers" of IP protection to promote high quality development, focusing on strengthening intellectual property laws, intellectual property rights basic common sense of propaganda and education, seting up the consciousness of intellectual property rights "red line",  deepening the awareness of intellectual property protection among the people, strengthening the training of intellectual property talents, paying close attention to innovative forward-looking information, diging out the highlights of production line patents, carrying out the guidance of patent compilation, to assist the goal of new strategy, height and future of HBIS Xuansteel, make IP pertection as an "escort" to its  transformation and development.