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HBIS Signs the Worldsteel Sustainability Charter

March 3rd  2022, World Steel Association (Worldsteel) published its new Sustainability Charter in Brussels, Belgium. HBIS, with its excellent performances in environmental protection, social welfare and management, was able to sign the new charter. Signing this new, HBIS Chairmen Yu Yong said that the new charter will be a fresh starting point of HBIS in its endeavor of low carbon and green development of world steel industry. With its co-exist of people, steel concept, HBIS will become the promoter, leader and front runner.  

The Worldsteel published its first Sustainability Charter in 2009 and revised every three years. The new charter includes 9 principles in sustainable development and 20 standards including actions in climate changes, recycled economy, safety & health, ethics in commerce, innovation & economic prosperity, reflecting the efforts of the steel industry in the sustainable development their resolve to take the responsibilities to humanity, earth and the prosperity of the world.

As the world’s largest steel manufactures, HBIS has always taken the responsibility of Making the green steel for mankind. March 2021, HBIS published its Action Plan in low carbon & green development in first. March 2022, HBIS announced the low carbon technology roadmap to give its carbon peaking, carbon neutralization goals and its 6+2 low carbon technology roadmap. Over the years, HBIS has invested RMB 30.5billion to more than 500 energy conservation and emission reduction projects. We have the now called the cleanest steel mill in the world, the construction of world class coastal steel mill has completed and a dream plant of short procedure steel mill, the world’s first hydrogen energy pilot plant is all completed. Through these efforts, HBIS has always been leading the development direction of green steel manufacturing, and the comprehensive competitive strength has been continuously improved, and the international influence has been rapidly enhanced, and become a respected enterprise in the global market and industry.