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Winter Olympic Stadium Projects Won Luban Prize, HBIS Delivered its Fine Products to the Project

China Construction Association has awarded its 2022-2023 China Construction Engineering Luban PrizeNational Prime Quality Projectto National Speed Skating Oval Project, National Sliding Centre Project and National Alpine Skiing Centre Project and HBIS, directly supplied 38,000 tons of high-quality building materials for the national Alpine Ski Center project for the course and venue construction.  The winning of the Winter Olympic Stadium project will further enhance the brand influence and comprehensive market competitiveness of HBIS.

Stadiums are the top priorities of Winter Olympic preparations and the requirements to construction materials are extreme. To serve the national development strategy and Olympic projects, HBIS provided high quality products and services. HBIS assigned Olympic micro teams to develop Olympic procedures and products to guarantee the quality and deliveries. The teams coordinated the production, scheduling, procedural management, delivery and sales. HBIS opened a green exit to insure a full process, high standard management and high quality production and delivery.  

China Construction Engineering Luban PrizeNational Prime Quality Project announces its winners every two years and it is the top prize of Chinese construction engineering quality. It is also called the Oscars award of Construction Community.