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HBIS Independently Develops World Leading Technology of Steel Breakout Prediction Model

HBIS has completed the stage test of the diagnose system of the independently developed continuous casting crystallizer in an internal production line. Under the steel breakout prediction model as a primary function, the performance of various indexes are superior to its foreign competitors, which marks the steel breakout prediction a new world leading technology and breaks the market dominance by foreign systems. 

Steel breakout prediction model is a key function of a diagnose system a continuous casting crystallizer. Due to its special characters of this model, the system must be updated after some time of operation, while the core algorithm was mastered and kept secret by foreign suppliers.

HBIS has been working to upgrade its technologies by taking full advantages of its creative talents to independently develop core technologies. To breaking the market dominance from foreign suppliers, HBIS integrates technicians to collect primary data, to study and compare technology solutions, and then independently mastered key technologies such as dynamic capture and analysis of billet bond point under different operating conditions of casting machine, and successfully developed supporting software model with complete intellectual property rights by using big data analysis and modeling technology for the first time in the industry.