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Bearing Alloys for New Aviation Equipment Fills the Domestic Blank in the Field of Aerospace Special Materials

The newly developed bearing alloy for aerospace industry has passed the client trials evaluation with superior feedback and which marks that HBIS has made a new breakthrough in the field of aerospace special materials and filled the gap in China.

HBIS adheres to innovation leading, aiming at the technical problems of material selection and use in high-end frontier fields, strengthens the docking with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, strengthens the R&D and production capacity of special material products, and constantly enriches the high-end bearing product system. The bearing material developed has the characteristics of non-magnetic, corrosion resistance and high fatigue life, which has great application potential in the aerospace field. However, due to the difficulty of the development, no domestic enterprise can provide stable batch supply for a long time.

With comprehensive market studies, HBIS assigns an aerospace material project team to develop the new materials. Together with HBIS Research Institute, has developed solutions to the gas element content, plastic processing capabilities, including optimizations of elements, optimizations of steel making procedures and heat treatment procedures. After hundreds of rounds of tests, HBIS developed matured procedures to produce aerospace bearing alloys and made its deliveries for trial applications. After one-year trial evaluation, the alloys received superior feedback from the client and subsequent orders.