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1000 Plus Tons Super-Thick Plates from HBIS Use to the Key Parts of Asia’s Largest Railway Hub Station

June 20, the first G602 CR train left Beijing Fengtai Railway Station, making the debut of Asia’s largest passenger railway hub station, in which HBIS delivered more than 1000tons of super- thick plates to build its key structures.

By focusing on product structures and client structures, HBIS is winning key state projects and diversified high end market shares with is champion products, unique products and import product beating products. HBIS teams are engaging each client to fully understand their specific needs and develop diversified solutions. In this case, while meeting the client demands, the extension rate, special elements of HBIS products even go higher than national standards. The delivery terms, exam plans and acceptance level of HBIS plates are leading the world steel industry. According to many additional technical requirements, HBIS production line technical support team further optimized the product composition system design, rolling scheme and subsequent heat treatment process scheme. Strictly control the process execution in the production process, strengthen the quality process control, to ensure that the products successfully passed the customer quality certification.

Beijing Fengtai Railway Station is China’s dual first passenger terminal that adopts vertical distributions of high speed train and normal speed train designs. Overall, the station owns 17 platforms and 32 railway lines and it will help the capital city to improve its transportation structure and optimize the logistics systems.