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One Project from HBIS Selected as a Typical Case of Brand Building by State Council SASAC

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (State Council SASAC) has released its 2021 List of Typical Cases and Excellent Brand Stories of SOE Brand Construction, and HBIS Enterprise International Development of Brand in a Globalized Industrial Chain recommended by Hebei SASAC, has become the only selected case of Hebei Provincial SOE.     

Led by the philosophy of “globalized resource, globalized market, globalized customer”, HBIS has enhanced the globalized industrial chain by the merger of the largest copper smelter in South Africa, PMC, own the world’s largest steel sales corporation, DUFERCO and acquisition the largest steel enterprise in Serbia -- Smederevo Steel Mill. In all, HBIS owns an overseas layout of Four Steel Mills, Two Mining resources and One Sales platform. The case systematically summarizes the experience of HBIS brand internationalization operation from the dimensions of reshaping visual identification system, implementing international merger and acquisition, and actively practicing social responsibility, and constructs an enterprise brand internationalization mode based on the global layout of industrial chain.

To implement the CPC and State Council policy to build better Chinese Enterprises Brands and find & promote excellent experiences, State Council SASAC select successful cases every year within SOE. This year, State Council SASAC selected 100 typical brand building cases from more than 1,000 cases and stories submitted by central enterprises and local state-owned assets commissions, including 68 cases of central enterprises and 32 cases of local state-owned enterprises. The selected typical cases are the innovative practices and characteristic practices of enterprises in the exploration and promotion of brand construction, which reflect the responsibility and unremitting pursuit of state-owned enterprises in the construction of brand power, and highlight the brand concept and value proposition of state-owned enterprises.